Dr AL Sharada
Jul 14, 2020

Creative Critique from a gender lens: 4-11 July

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Dr Sharada reviews five ads in this Creative Critique
Dr Sharada reviews five ads in this Creative Critique
The times have been difficult and continue to remain so, which is why brands are now trying to promote optimism amongst the audience through their ads. They are striving to be sensitive in their communication as well as in terms of expectations by each member of the household. It is gratifying to see that the future holds hope and positivity and reminds us that the present is tough but we are all in this together. 
Asian Paints – Viprotek

The ad is a depiction of how cautious we need to be in the Covid era with all the things and persons coming into and going out of the house. Although it shows both men and women being responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone in the house, the ad yet in most part, puts the onus on the women of the house. An equal gender distribution of household chores would have been ideal to promote this ad. 
Gender Sensitivity Score: 3.25/5 
Club Mahindra 

A feel good ad which tries to reminisce all that we have missed during the lockdown particularly through travel memories.  Through the celebrity, it calls upon people to share their holiday destinations in India and relive those memories. The ad also captures the multi-dimensional aspects of India which is something we all probably long for to witness ourselves.
Gender Sensitivity Score: 3/5
Edelweiss Tokio 

The focus of the ad is on reiterating that uncertainty dictates our lives. It highlights the importance of a stable income despite a pandemic, recession, etc. It once again shows man as the primary provider and is directed at men alone. 
Gender Senstivity Score: 2.75/5
IDFC Mutual Fund

A reminder that persistence is the key to success despite trials and tribulations. It is a timely thank you note to the investors of IDFC Mutual fund especially in the times of uncertainties and also an encouragement to keep calm and carry on. However, the ad could have been more inclusive since persistence is a key to success not just for investors who are men but also women.
Gender Sensitivty Score: 2.75/5

The ad depicts the isolation and loneliness of elderly people and focuses on the need for intergenerational interaction during Covid times to make life in Covid times bearable through easy communication. It shows an elderly woman pursuing new hobbies and feeling the companionship of her daughter through constant interaction over WhatsApp with her. A heart warming film.
Gender Sensitivity Score: 3.5/5
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