Mar 18, 2021

Chtrbox launches creator management division

Chtrbox Represent, the new unit, will help talent manage key aspects of their business, including selecting their brand collaborations, personal branding and PR, content advisory, finance and admin support

Chtrbox launches creator management division

Influencer marketing company, Chtrbox has launched its creator management division for India’s emerging digital talent. Labeled ‘Chtrbox Represent’, the new division will power content creators to fulfill their potential across digital mediums, while providing integrated support and advisory.

Chtrbox Represent’s goal is to power influencers to create content and monetise their creative talent the right way. The division key aspects of creators' business, including selecting brand collaborations across digital & non-digital mediums, personal branding and PR, content advisory, finance and admin support. The new unit is also being equipped to set up creator-led IPs, merchandising and workshops. 

According to a statement, Chtrbox Represent’s initial launch of 25 handpicked creators cover a range of diverse backgrounds, including Indian male beauty creators, Deep Pathare and Shantanu Dhope, running coach Karan Singh who uses his talent to create opportunities for underprivileged kids, popular creators like Sonal & Nicole of Team Naach, Smriti Khanna, Tanya Sharma, tech YouTuber Dhananjay Bhosale and food entrepreneur Saransh Goila. 

Karan Pherwani, head, Chtrbox Represent said “We view Chtrbox Represent as a natural extension for us to do much more for select creators, and have built out a supportive home for them to thrive.” “This is the era of the creator and helping them fulfill their aspirations is key to the philosophy at Chtrbox,” added Roshan Abbas, managing director, VMLY&R Commerce Encompass, and Investor and Advisor for Chtrbox.