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Dec 12, 2010

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: Law & Kenneth

How Campaign India rates the agency: 7

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: Law & Kenneth

Type of agency: Advertising

Company ownership: Independent

Key personnel: Praveen Kenneth, co-chairman and MD, Anil Nair, CEO & managing partner, Anil K Nair, managing partner, Digital Law & Kenneth, Sandhya Srinivasan, managing partner and chief strategy officer, Law & Kenneth

Accounts won: Renault, Spencer’s Private Labels (Retail), Spencer’s Private Labels Retail (Retail Chain), Beverly Hills Polo Club (Fashion Apparel), Music World (Music, Entertainment, Gaming), Mark Echo (Fashion Apparel), Ladybird (Fashion Apparel), Au Bon Pain (Foods), Zydus Cadila. Digital Law & Kenneth: Parle Products, HCC Infrastructure, Tata Capital, Renault Digital Mandate, General Mills, Bharti AXA

Accounts lost: None reported

A great story in terms of retention, new business and reputation. If the Skoda Loss was a blow, the Renault win seemed to replace like-for-like, which certainly helps maintain momentum. The recent emergence of CEO Anil Nair  as a visible figure is signifiacant, as Law & Kenneth was slowly being dubbed “Praveen’s’ agency, which would not bode well for an agency with ambitions to do battle with the big boys; a battle they’ve fought and won numerous times in the past few years.It is the head-count and the launches of mulitple divisions which might be a worry; the 4-city agency now has 240 employees on the roster.

The year has seen their TVC output increase significantly in terms of number. The agency is old enough and big enough to play the game and enter the awards arena —they have the client roster which has the potential to provoke award-winning work. There are too many clients who see awards as a certification of competence and creativity for Law & Kenneth to ignore.

How Campaign India rates the agency: 7

How Law & Kenneth rates itself: 8

For Law & Kenneth, 2010 was a decisive year where we learnt to master big battles. Completing 8 years is almost like the creation of a whole new generation and it’s exciting to say the least. On the business front, this was a year of consolidation. And focusing on our existing clients saw us growing organically corroborating the trust we share with our client partners. There was also a steady flow of new opportunities with new business  from Renault, Zydus Cadila and Spencer’s.Digital Law & Kenneth continued with its excellent growth. It also extended its services to Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

Social Media has been its area of focus last year and will continue to be so, alongwith the mobile content and application space. In addition, the focus was on new media creation and engagement ideas for brands; the crowning  glory was the launch of Design Law & Kenneth started the year with projects from Reliance Retail, Danone & the s GVK group (Mumbai New Terminal Project). It is now poised to take on larger opportunities.The  group has full-fledged operations across 4 cities thereby giving us a strong national footprint.

The group also laid the groundwork for the next decade by restructuring. Older communication models were broken down to large interactive and exciting brand solution models. Primarily taking into account the digital revolution, for brands’ continued dominance in the new world.  

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