#BoycottMyntra: Netizens in a tizzy over a 2016 graphic that Myntra never made

ScrollDroll, the publication behind the creative, had absolved Myntra through an apology

Aug 24, 2021 05:18:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Twitter saw users tweeting furiously on Monday, 23 August, resulting in #BoycottMyntra and #UninstallMyntra trending for a while. This time, the brand was under fire over an ‘anti-Hindu’ poster that resurfaced from five years ago. However, as it turns out, Myntra had nothing to do with the 2016 graphic.
The hashtag had surfaced in 2016, after ‘ScrollDroll’ – a publication popular for making unique graphic cards – had made the creative using Myntra’s logo and brand name. The illustration showed the ‘Vastraharan’ scene from the Mahabharata, where Draupadi is disrobed by Dushasana. The poster shows Lord Krishna looking for ‘extra long’ sarees on the Myntra app to help keep Draupadi’s dignity. 
However, people mistook ScrollDroll’s attempt at humour as an ad created by Myntra itself. Netizens were outraged and slammed the advertisement for ‘being an insult to Hinduism' and for making a mockery of the Hindu epic. 


After this 2016 fiasco, ScrollDroll issued an apology through a tweet, taking full responsibility for the graphic. The tweet also said that Myntra had nothing to do with the poster. 



The brand, too, had put out statements in 2016 to distance itself from the creative and threatening legal action against the publication for using its brand name.   The graphic from ScrollDroll was a part of a series titled 'Indian mythology meets today's digital technology', which saw characters from Hindu mythology using smartphone applications for their needs.  

In December 2020, Myntra was in hot water when an activist complained that the brand’s logo was reminiscent of a naked woman. Myntra had immediately made changes to its logo at the time.