Babita's blog: 'Advertising Pride'

The author explains how the advertising industry is going through change and how professionals need to adapt, learn, un-learn and keep the legend going

Nov 08, 2017 07:21:00 AM | Article | Babita Baruah

Read yet another story on advertising agencies.
Comments from ecosystem experts on social media.
How the end is near.
And that the writing on the wall is big and bold.
Creativity for business seems to be losing fan base and value over the years.
None of this fazes me out one bit.
I have spent two decades and a year in the industry and am raring to go.
I love waking up with the thought that there will be some new insight to uncover, a new idea over lunch that will make us go wide eyed, a meeting with the client partner that is sure to end up in a hot debate before we end up agreeing to disagree.
It’s an industry of legends and icons.
New language that finds a comfortable place in vocabulary and pop culture.
Art that stands the test of time.
Ideas that have potential to create shifts.
Big ones.
A workplace is a pot pourri of talent.
Media. Digital. Content. Strategy. Creativity.
Where does one end and the other begin?
Where else do we rub shoulders casually with poets, singers, musicians, artists?
The smell of coffee. The desks usually stacked with… well… everything.
The beanbags. The favourite cushion. The stuffed toy. The green money plants in old water bottles. Pens. Pencils. Coffee mugs. Deadlines. Notes. Pictures.
Samosas and chaat in the evenings. 
Late night stale food being cleared up in the morning. 
Brainstorm rooms. Conference rooms. Late nights. 
The heated debates. Fights. Ugly ones at times.
The team work.
The rigour.
The celebrations.
I love it all.
I feel proud of being part of an industry that encourages the power to express.
Creates the message for the medium.
The language of a brand.
The connections.
The ability to create equity.
That thrives on conflicts of the human mind and heart.
Most of all, I love the power to influence consumer decisions.
And impact business.
Change is inevitable.
And the industry is going through one.
Needs the passionate to believe, adapt, learn, un-learn and keep the legend going.
(The author is managing partner at WPP GTB India. The views expressed are the author’s independent views as an ad professional and do not reflect the organisation’s viewpoint)