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Mar 04, 2011

Alok Nanda + Prasanna = Hyphen

New outfit Hyphen and ANC to operate as two separate entities

Alok Nanda (L) and Prasanna Sankhe (R)
Alok Nanda (L) and Prasanna Sankhe (R)

Alok Nanda and Prasanna Sankhe have teamed up to form Hyphen, a new agency that will operate in the product design/creation space.

Explaining the concept behind Hyphen, Nanda said, “We are looking at identifying niches in the consumer’s life, we are trying to create products that will fit those niches and find a connection back to the brand or the other way around. The idea is to create interesting experiences around brands that could help build powerful brand relationships.” Nanda added that Hyphen’s business will consist of two parts. “One will be to build brand engagement. The other is to work with retailers to build private label opportunities that are currently unseen by them or are seen by them but they are not able to actually deliver product to that standard or thought process,” he adds.

Adds Sankhe, “In the retail business, private labels are making the most money for retailers. It is an area that will genuinely interest retailers and we are currently working on a project with a big retailer.”

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