Ajay Gupte
Sep 07, 2023

Ajay Gupte lists five areas the industry needs to focus on to drive consistent value

Wavemaker's South Asia CEO shares what he would like to see changed or tackled next in the Indian advertising industry

Ajay Gupte lists five areas the industry needs to focus on to drive consistent value
Firstly, I would like to congratulate Campaign India on the 15th anniversary of the website in India. Your contribution to the industry has been tremendous. You have taken our work to the world and made it aspirational to be a part of our industry.
I'm very proud to say that Indian advertising is today one of the most sophisticated in the world. We have made a mark across the world and have consistently stretched boundaries redefining what is possible.
The consumer has evolved and the rules of marketing are constantly changing. We are transforming to meet the demands of the day. Here are five areas that I believe we need to focus on to drive consistent value.
  1. Diversity and inclusion: The industry needs to be more diverse and inclusive in terms of gender, skill, geography and background. I am looking for greater diversity in leadership roles and in the creation process.
  2. Fake news and misinformation: With the rise of digital and social media advertising, there is a need for better understanding and regulation of this space. Issues like fake news and misinformation, need to be addressed.
  3. Data privacy: As advertisers collect vast amounts of data on consumers, there is a need for stricter data privacy regulations to protect individuals' information and prevent misuse.
  4. Measurement and accountability: We are working hard to develop better methods for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Accountability for results and return on investment should be a priority.
  5. Technology adoption: We need to keep embracing emerging technologies like AI, augmented reality, and virtual reality to drive more engaging and effective advertising campaigns.
Addressing these challenges and opportunities can help the Indian advertising industry grow and evolve in a way that benefits both advertisers and consumers while promoting responsible and ethical practices.

The author is chief executive officer, South Asia, Wavemaker. This was part of a broader chat with Campaign India. Stay tuned to Campaignindia.in for the full chat.

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