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Oct 11, 2010

Aggie to Keynote at BrandFestival 2010

Will speak on New Economy

Aggie to Keynote at BrandFestival 2010

Agnello Dias has been invited be a keynote speaker at the BrandFestival 2010, the media strategy conference held in cooperation with The Economist® at Budapest in November 2010. 

BrandFestival is one of Europe’s main strategic symposiums and professional summits. Each year sees 400 significant leaders, academics and top-level communications managers from Europe and all over the world attending the event. 

This year’s main topic is ‘New Economy’, how it is built, sold and communicate. 

Aggie will  discuss the newest challenges in advertising and communication; on how and why  Asia’s progressive ideas changing European media and mindset, and whether there is a possible involvement of the general public in the forming of 'New Economy'.

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