A 'mystery' box that has got the entire social universe crazy!

All you puzzle decoders, here’s a new mystery to solve! Are you ready to wear your thinking caps and be one of the lucky ones to win #WhatsInTheBox? Brainwave your way to some exciting and amazing surprises? Be one of the lucky five!

Feb 26, 2020 05:08:00 PM | Article | Partner Content

Fortune Foods, a renowned food FMCG brand in India, recently decided to bring something completely new and mysterious to the table. Hints have been dropped and clues have surfaced on social media around the mystery, turning the audience crazy to decode the ongoing mystery. But, what exactly is this mystery all about? 
As a part of its “#WhatsInTheBox” contest, Fortune has been sending a “mystery box” to different social media celebs, influencers, and popular Indian celebs. Needless to say, the mystery box has evoked intrigue and curiosity among everyone! Akshay Kumar & Sourav Ganguly are one of the many to have received the mystery box and they seemed quite exhilarated with what was inside the box. Miss Malini, Deeksha Joshi, Ajay Chopra have also received the mystery box and they simply couldn’t contain their happiness on receiving it. t’s so good that Miss Malini couldn’t stop tweeting about it! Then there’s Sonali Swami who also can’t wait to find out what’s in the box and so can’t we! 
To put all those curiosity bugs to rest, Fortune wants to give all the puzzle decoders a chance to unravel what’s in the mystery box. All you need to do is participate in a fun #WhatsInTheBox contest where you’ll be rewarded for solving an easy puzzle! Head to the @Fortune.Foods on Instagram and save the images of the box that are posted in the right order. Share the screenshot of the properly formed box on the story while also tagging Fortune Foods. The lucky winners, who solve the puzzle correctly, win the box and get to finally see what’s inside it! But, that’s not it!  
Contest winners also get a chance to win some amazing and exciting prizes! So, hurry! What are you waiting for? Head to @Fortune.Foods on Instagram and decode #WhatsInTheBox.