83% of doctors believe in personal branding to reach out to patients: Rediffusion Healthcare report

Patients and doctors show interest in appropriating digital consultations

Nov 03, 2021 08:35:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Rediffusion Healthcare has released a post-pandemic pharma communication report. The report showcases the changes the healthcare space has undergone due to the pandemic.


The focus group for the nationwide study undertook insights from 115 doctors and health professionals. The analysis was based on the patient-doctor relationship, challenges, and the change of pharma communication. 


The report was released in Mumbai by N Rajaram, managing director, Sanofi India and Sandeep Goyal, managing director, Rediffusion. 


The report highlights trends to understand consumer perspective towards health, doctor consultation, the impact of digitalisation on buying behaviour, changed doctor-sales representative communication, and post-pandemic trends. 


Highlights of the report: 


  • 50% of patients resort to homemade food, home remedies and alternative medicines like ayurveda and homeopathy


  • 40% invested in medical devices to check vitals for themselves or their family. In addition, health-related app downloads saw an upward trajectory


  • 30% bought their medicine from online pharmacies. Consumers and doctors agree that this trend will continue post-pandemic


  • Patients and doctors show interest in the adaptation of digital platforms for consultation. However, with life returning to normalcy, doctors are now interested in a hybrid model. Where the first visit will be in the clinic and the follow up through an online consultation.


  • 83% doctors feel that personal branding is important in today’s scenario to reach out to patients, on digital and social media platforms


  • The doctor’s consulting room and digital tabs have changed to big size visual aid's which is visible from a distance 


  • The mode of communication with doctors has changed with the usage of various digital platforms such as WhatsApp, i-message, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, microblogs, YouTube videos and Zoom calls for remote detailing


  • Digital media will play a role in communicating messages of the pharma product and brand


Aarti Dharmadhikari, head of the research wing, Rediffusion Healthcare, said, “The research study has only confirmed that phygital will be the way forward both between doctors, patients, and pharma professionals. The internet will become a source of information and reassurance for patients”.