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Apr 11, 2023

24 hours with…Bharat Sethi

The founder and CEO, Rage Coffee, takes us through what a day in his life looks like

24 hours with…Bharat Sethi
Ever wondered what an ideal day in the life of someone from advertising/marketing/media is? We're here to spill the beans on it.
Campaign India's '24 hours with' column which used to be a part of the print magazine, now returns in its digital avatar. 
Every Tuesday, we'll have a person from the advertising/marketing/media industry profiled in this section.  
Name: Bharat Sethi
Job: Founder and CEO, Rage Coffee
My mantra: Put your head down and put in the work. I believe in the power of compounding in
everything. Small wins everyday with consistency and dedication.
7 am: I find mornings to be pleasant and also I strongly believe in starting my day early.
Getting active by going for a 5K run for about 30 mins while grooving to my favorite music gets
me charged up for the day!
7:30-8:30 am: There are different kinds of people categorized on the basis of how they start their day. I am the one they call a planner. Planning my day from start to end in the morning keeps me going and is definitely an activity I thoroughly enjoy. So I take a walk through greenery and listen to music while making notes on my phone on how to proceed with the day in terms of activities, meetings, etc.
8:30 am -10 am: This is the time I absolutely dedicate to my family and fitness. I play with my toddler son and spend time having good conversations with my family. In terms of fitness, I like taking my fruits and supplements during these hours and try to squeeze in some form of physical activity like HIIT, training, or workouts.
Time to get down to work!
10 am: Team calls begin at this time so I am generally ready to meet and greet everyone. Till
11 am. I do the normal business things to start my day like getting status updates, setting the agenda for the day, setting out priorities and guiding the team.
11 am-12 pm: Get my breakfast and do the heavy lifting work. Then I get down to focus on
stuff that requires the most attention during the day and has the maximum impact on the growth
of the Rage Coffee. It often ranges from working on business plans or team related strategies to
data analysis and reading industry reports to stay updated.
12 to 1 pm: It’s the time to go to the office or our production unit in IMT Manesar, whichever is
the priority for that day. On my way to the office, I start answering emails and attending to
important things that require immediate attention.
1:00 pm: It's usually lunch time for me
1:30 pm: Post lunch, the power hours begin. This is when I sit down with my finance team
and get neck deep into the business metrics.
2:30-7:30 pm: Covering all bases as a founder is important and keeps you well connected to your company. So I head next into key internal and external meetings with sales teams, operations, marketing and branding teams to understand our progress and devise new ideas.
7:30-9:00 pm: I usually have a business meeting planned at our members club with
either people who inspire me to learn from them, or with people whom I can inspire to help them
with what I’ve learnt so far doing business.
9:30 pm: I’m back home by this time. By this time I’ve generally transitioned from work mode
to family mode. 
10 pm: Time for dinner and unwinding. I complete dinner and then spend some quality time
going on a walk and playing with my son. Often my family members also catch me engrossed in
Youtube or reading a magazine! Sometimes, I do have some pending work or a few emails to
11:30 pm: Lights out for a good night’s sleep. Getting enough rest is crucial for me so that I’m
ready to keep the show going the next day!
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