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May 02, 2023

24 hours with… Samir Asher

Samir Asher, founder and COO, Tonic Worldwide, takes us through what a day in his life looks like

24 hours with… Samir Asher
Ever wondered what an ideal day in the life of someone from advertising/marketing/media is? We're here to spill the beans on it.
Every Tuesday, we'll have a person from the advertising/marketing/media industry profiled in this section.  
Name: Samir Asher
Job: founder and COO, Tonic Worldwide
Professional mantra: Don't focus on plan B, as it will dilute the effectiveness of plan A.
Personal mantra: Be curious, challenge assumptions, and never stop learning.  
8:30am: Who needs an alarm when my body's got a built-in timekeeper? I get out of the bed and kickstart the day by brewing a cup of Joe – because nothing says 'taking charge' like creating the perfect coffee decoction!
I stay informed and connected by browsing social media, keeping up with current events and trends.
This is my personal time, and I avoid conversations with others.
I transform into a scheduling ninja, reviewing my day's plans and making sure I'm all set for productivity. My work style is hybrid, so I have to decide whether it's an office day or work-from-home day.
10:00am: Team calls are on the agenda, as I connect with colleagues to discuss projects and help them prioritise tasks.
11:00am: It's meeting mania – from clients to internal teams, we discuss strategies and plans. As the resident tech wizard, I'm always prepared to contribute some insights and problem-solving magic.
1:30pm: I'm all about eating healthy, and with my current intermittent fasting routine, I make sure to feast on nutrient-packed meals.
2-4pm: Back at work, I'm on a mission to tackle those critical tasks to increase productivity.
It's also the time when ideas come alive! As an idea wrangler, I work on executing creative concepts with my team. We brainstorm, collaborate, and watch our ideas transform into action – all while having a blast!
4:00pm: Coffee break alert! If I'm at work, I ditch the office coffee machine. I'm a people person, so I love sharing a cup of chai with my team at the local tea stall. It's the perfect time to chat about work and life, exchange ideas, and bond with colleagues.
7:00pm: Time to swap my work hat for my workout gear! After a hectic day, I hit the gym to stay physically and mentally fit. If the gym isn't an option, I transform my home into a personal training zone and push myself to the limit.
8:30pm: I take a quick shower and I gear up for dinner, craving a protein-rich meal. As a passionate cook and egg-lover, I frequently make efforts to come up with scrumptious egg-based dishes for my evening meal.
In addition to my egg-based creations, I'm also happy to enjoy whatever delicious meal is prepared at home. It's a great way to appreciate the culinary efforts of my family and share a wholesome dining experience together.
9:00pm: Post-dinner, I either stretch my legs on a quick walk.Then, it's family time! We gather for movie nights or a little PlayStation rivalry – the perfect way to bond and have fun after a long day.
11:30pm: Night owl mode activated! I dive into researching the latest technologies, innovations, and digital marketing trends, ensuring I stay ahead in the game.
Research complete, I reflect on my new discoveries and plot ways to incorporate them into my business. It could be a new tool, technique, or the next big thing – I'm always ready for a challenge!
1:00am: I take this time to indulge in my favorite thriller series or groove to some tunes. It's the perfect way to unwind, enjoy some 'me time', and recharge my batteries for the next day.


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