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Feb 16, 2011

20:20 MSL unveils new brand vision and identity

20:20 MSL was previously known as 20:20 Media

20:20 MSL unveils new brand vision and identity

20:20 MSL, previously known as 20:20 Media, has unveiled its new brand vision and identity aligned with Publicis Groupe’s MSLGROUP. 20:20 MSL joined MSLGROUP in October 2010. A press release from the agency notes that the new brand identity and vision is part of a strategic plan to maximize the benefits of the MSLGROUP global network.

Commenting on the announcement, Glenn Osaki, president, MSLGROUP Asia and chair of MSLGROUP India Management Board, said, “The seamless integration of 20:20 Media joining us last year, the creation of MSLGROUP India which followed, and now 20:20 MSL adopting MSLGROUP’S vision and identity, underscores our aggressive approach to serving the needs of our clients and staff in the India marketplace. Today’s move is the latest step in MSLGROUP India’s commitment to providing MNCs doing business in India and local brands looking to expand abroad with greater depth of creativity, engagement and value through specialized communications services and strategic consulting.”

Sunil Agarwal, managing director, 20:20 MSL and member of MSLGROUP India Management Board added, “By joining MSLGROUP and Publicis Groupe we benefitted from access to insights, expert training and strategic communications tools. Now that we have aligned ourselves with MSLGROUP’s vision and identity, we can continue to leverage the network’s deep experience and vast reach to bring even greater value to our clients, staff and business operations in India.”

For the record, the overall MSLGROUP India brand now features three firms: 20:20 MSL, Hanmer MSL and 2020Social.

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