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Aug 28, 2015

Weekend Fun 1: Ads ride the Raksha Bandhan wave

Watch the films celebrating the festival here

Brands of all hues are riding on Raksha Bandhan, the Indian festival celebrating the brother-sister relationship.
Videocon Group #IWishIHadaSister 

Coneptualised by The Mob, this film (above) features pairs of men (brothers), starting with two young boys covered in dirt straight from the playground. A super informs that a sister would have been cleaner. Using pairs of young and older men, the film explains that a sister would have known what to do (when a button comes off ), been more caring if one was unwell, more understanding when one goes through a heartbreak, known pretty girls to introduce one to, and would have been prettier herself. The brands ends with the message: 'Videocon wishes Happy Raksha Bandhan to all those lucky enough to have a sister' and the #IWishIHadASister. 

Amazon #YourFirstFriend

This campaign by Orchard Advertising features a brother and sister having a conversation through a mobile messaging service. The young woman is trying to convince her brother that she should be getting a good gift this Raksha Bandhan. She recalls instances where she has done him a favour or why she deserves one. A gift card appears on screen. With every argument that ends in favour of the sister, the value on the card goes up, and when the man makes a point, it comes down. In the end, he lovingly sends her a gift card for Rs 10,000, surprising delighting her. The film signs off urging viewers: 'Gift #YourFirstFriend Amazon Gift Cards'.
Parcelled Raksha Bandhan: A Special Bond

Parcelled, an online courier service, features a young woman in an office looking excitedly at a box. Through her phone, she logs onto Parcelled for a booking. She settles back reminiscing about a particular Raksha Bandhan during their younger years, where she had taken a bite of a sweet and offered the remaining to her brother. The young boy, put off by the gesture, runs away. Just then her thoughts are pulled back to the present as a man comes to collect the parcel. It reaches her brother. He open the box of sweets to find a half-eaten one, bringing back the childhood memories and a smile to his face. signs off urging viewers to 'Share a memory this Raksha Bandhan'.  The creative agency is The Bold Creative.   

Postpickle #ForASister: The Gift She Deserves

Postpickle, an online portal, has rolled out a social campaign #ForASister – The Gift She Deserves. The campaign seeks to eliminate a common Hindi cuss word from use. A video that's part of the campaign features a young woman addressing her brother on camera, telling him what she wants for Raksha Bandhan. She wants him to shun the use of the cuss word ‘Behen****’.  The creative agency was Ogilvy & Mather.
Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (BSLMF) #WealthOfLove

This film from Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund opens to a young woman playing the piano. Her brother enters the room and they greet each other for Raksha Bandhan. His gift for her is an investment in Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, where he explains to her that a small monthly investment of Rs 5,000 can help her realise her dream of opening a music school. Towards the end of the film, it is revealed that the girl is visually impaired. The brand signs off saying; 'This Raksha Bandhan, invest in your sister's future'.  
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