VIDEO: Day two at Cannes 2012

WATCH glimpses of all the action inside and outside the Palaise on day two of Cannes 2012; and what adlanders have to say about the critical discussions at the Festival

Jun 19, 2012 01:31:00 PM | Video | Shephali Bhatt

Seminars and workshops over the last first two days at Cannes 2012 have been fraught with examples of campaigns that show exemplary use of technology to enhance the impact. Indian adlanders ponder over whether this is the right time to include the tech-specialist as a part of the core creative team.

While Kartik Iyer (Happy Creative Services) and Ravi Deshpande (Contract Advertising) seem to believe the time is now, Taproot India's Santosh Padhi is skeptical. Watch the video to know what they had to say.