Campaign India Team
Jun 04, 2013

Two-in-one can takes sharing a Coke to a new level

Ogilvy & Mather’s Singapore and France offices collaborated on the ‘sharing can’ introduced in Singapore this March

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Leonardo O'Grady, IMC director for Coca-Cola ASEAN at The Coca-Cola Company, said that the project takes the classic Coca-Cola and makes it easy to share, simply by twisting the can.

The can design made its debut in Singapore in late March in a small-scale trial to gauge consumer reaction (and generate the video above). Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and Ogilvy & Mather France worked together on the project.

“We are always experimenting with new ways to bring an experience to people through Coca-Cola,” O'Grady said. “The sharing can is an example of this, allowing two people to share a can of Coke like never before.”

The company did not indicate whether the can will be available commercially, or where.

“The idea is being an activation experienced by few but shared and talked about by many,” O'Grady said. “In the past we have found that positive experiences seeded by Coke are great content for sharing and conversation that helps to spread the happiness. Again, we are trying to move away from efforts that just Say and Show to efforts that actually do.”

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