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Jan 28, 2013

Tata Steel extends ‘Values Stronger than Steel’ campaign with re-designed

The website has been developed by Rediffusion Y&R Digital

Tata Steel unveiled its re-designed web site to ‘celebrate values’ at the Jaipur Literary Festival 2013. The website developed by Rediffusion Y&R Digital is billed as a virtual hangout for young people to innovate, inspire and motivate.

The website is the digital extension of Tata Steel’s ‘Values Stronger than Steel’ campaign.
On the website, Rachana Dharia, vice president, Rediffusion-Y&R Digital, said, “Tata Steel came to us with their platform valueabled, looking to create a virtual space where it could celebrate and encourage positive modern-day values among the youth of India. They were looking to capture the vibrancy and dynamism of youth and give them a space to create, collaborate, and socialize.”
“India’s modern-day youth is strongly driven by values - and we see that in their spontaneous collective actions across the country. They take ideas seriously and they have views that are radically different from generations of the past. The Tata Steel Group recognized the need to lend a platform that can amplify the voice of this generation. And we are happy to have been able to contribute to their mission,” she added. has been built with avenues for interactivity, visibility, and gamification. It is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, that will enable users to easily engage their networks and friends across platforms, according to Rediffusion Y&R.

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