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Nov 11, 2014

SKYi asks viewers to question ‘design thought’ when buying a house

Watch the ad films conceptualised by Underdog here

SKYi has rolled out three ad films to showcase its core brand principle of thoughtful design. The films have been conceptualised by Underdog and will be released in the second week of November. The films will be shown on regional channels.
All three films feature Farhan Akhtar talking about the thought put into every design choice at the SKYi property in Pune. 
One film begins with Akhtar talking about how everyone is usually wowed by design, but seldom do they ask why that design choice was made. He points out that there is a difference between art and design. He reasons, “Art can’t be questioned but design must be”. He goes on to plead with the audience to ask questions when they are going to put their life savings into a new house. 

Another film begins with Akhtar questioning the role of a celebrity opinion leader when it comes to purchasing a house. He agrees with the fact that, it’s the audience’s time and money but reasons, “What I saw at sky, changed the way I looked at design”. He points out SKYi’s thoughtful design when it comes to the conservation of nature or Pune’s culture. He then goes on to ask the audience to go see for themselves.

The final film looks at how modern day townships are packaged and advertised in India. Akhtar comments about how, it’s hard to tell where the property is with the way it’s all packaged today. He goes on to smirk at the concept of a show house and talks about the importance of research viz. development plan and the little touches that make a house great. Once again Akhtar talks about how houses are made with thought, not just for show. 

 All three films end with the super of SKYi’s logo, tagline and Akhtar saying, “SKYi, thoughtfully designed townships”.
Vivek Kullkarni, chief marketing officer, SKYi, said, “With his signature interpretation of what Thoughtful Design stands for, Farhan helps SKYi break through the real estate clutter with the kind of poise and honesty that has rarely been seen in this dog eat dog, ‘every promise is an over-promise’ category”’.
 Vikram Gaikwad, co founder, Underdog, adds, “The campaign is very dear to us because it’s amongst the first campaigns of Underdog and we believe we have a created a candid tone and imagery which will stand them in good stead in a category where you cannot have a conversation without exaggeration.
Vistasp Hodiwala, co founder, Underdog, adds, “Sometimes, advertising needs less cleverness and more soul. Not only is this campaign an accurate reflection of the Thoughtful Design thought it also completely mirrors the personality of its owners. This is how they are and this is how they would always come across as”.
Client: SKYi Realty
Creative agency: Underdog, Mumbai
Production house: Coconut Films
Director: Nishant Goyal
Photographer: Atul Kasbekar
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