Shraddha Kapoor and Comfy make a sanitary case for menstrual hygiene

Watch the film conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO here

May 12, 2021 07:14:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Comfy Snug Fit, from the Amrutanjan Healthcare stable, has rolled out a film to promote women’s menstrual hygiene. Conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO, the film aims to stop young women from the usage of cloth, at that time of a month. 
The film features actor Shraddha Kapoor who interacts with a young girl, who is wary of going to college, due to the problems caused by her periods and cloth usage. Kapoor then asks the girl to discontinue the routine and switch to Comfy Snug Fit, which helps avoid the many problems associated with menstrual hygiene. Upon seeing the price blurb on the packet, both the girl and her mother in the background, break into a smile. 
S. Sambhu Prasad, chairman and managing director, Amrutanjan Health Care, said, “The level of awareness and education regarding women’s menstrual health and hygiene remains low and is still considered as a stigma in major parts of our country. As a purpose led company, we will launch a campaign aimed at raising awareness about women’s health and hygiene, in an effort to empower the women of India. We at Amrutanjan Healthcare, aim to elevate this issue which is one of the major concerns in the country and provide hygienic high quality solutions at affordable price points. With this goal we will strengthen our Comfy Snug Fit brand further. We are making sure we have robust distribution across the rural and rest of urban markets ensuring easy accessibility of the product. Comfy has grown over 5 times in the last five years and our ambition is to be in the top three in the next 2-3 years.”
Mani Bhagavatheeswaran, chief marketing officer, Amrutanjan Health Care said, “About 2-3% of women in rural India use sanitary napkins while the majority of the rest depend on cloth. Our new campaign aims to educate them on the benefits of using a sanitary napkin. As a brand which works closely to elevate the women hygiene solutions, we are excited to accelerate our journey by having Shraddha Kapoor as our first ever brand ambassador on board. She is highly popular and connects with the target audience. Additionally, having spoken out vocally about issues close to her heart, she brings an authenticity and credibility to her role as ambassador and we are looking forward to a long and fulfilling partnership together.”
Navneet Virk, creative head – South, R K Swamy, BBDO, said, “We built this campaign on the insight that small changes in life can make a big difference. If a young girl can comfortably and hygienically manage her period, she can go to college, and she can have access to better education, better opportunities and in the long term build a better life for herself. Typically for every girl, college life is a turning point and if things pertaining to periods go wrong, many tend to drop out or stay home out only out of sheer embarrassment. Thus at this critical juncture in a girl's life, through this TVC, Comfy wants to hold her hand and ease her over this threshold into a better tomorrow, helping her step out with confidence and fly instead of feeling tied down. We wanted to cue liberation and that’s what the powerful campaign line does, 'Mud ke nahin, ud ke dekho! (don’t turn back, just fly). That’s been Comfy's promise, that every young girl should have the power to be herself and discover her full potential.”
The campaign will be launched across multiple media, including TV, digital and in-store.