Samrat Atta embeds itself into tasteful bonds, born of sharing

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Grey group India here

Mar 02, 2016 11:27:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Parakh Agro has rolled out a new film for Samrat Atta. The film has been conceptualised by Grey group India. 
The film is themed on how people eating together can help bridge societal divides. It opens in an office canteen. A young man walks in with his lunch, and looks at three colleagues on the next table and tries making conversation with them, only to mispronounce the word ‘pizza’ as pijja’. The trio have a laugh while correcting his pronunciation. The next scene shows three police constables having a meal by the roadside while on duty. As a superior walks past, they get up and salute to him. While getting back to their meal, one of them signals that the officer is in another league. But the man walks back to their surprise, and they get up again to salute. The superior picks up a roti from one of the boxes, and has a bite of the food. He leaves with a smile on his face and signals to the constables to sit and enjoy their meal. Next up. a lady tries to get her son to eat a bite of a roti at a playground. Seeing another kid looking on, she divides the roti into half and signals to the kid to take it. A voice over explains that when we extend a hand to share food, bonds get forged. It introduces itself as a brand that has added flavor to these new bonds over many years. The film returns to the three young men eating pizza in the canteen. One of them asks their colleague eating a roti with a vegetable for a bit. The man gleefully offers his food, but asks them whether his 'hindi medium lunch box' will work for them. They all share a laugh before sharing the table, and the food on it.
Samrat Atta signs off the message: ‘Swad, jyo laaye saath’ (Taste that brings you together).
Suresh Parakh, managing pirector, Parakh Agro, said, “Food brings people together not only at home but also at our schools, colleges, workplaces and most public areas one can think of in India. Communicating this broad yet unique thought was a challenge as it had never been done in this category. However, the script presented to us by Grey, instantly helped us gain confidence in this thought. Furthermore the TVC artistically directed by Manoj Tapadia made us believe this campaign will help Samrat touch hearts around the country just as it touched ours. We have increased our distribution network across various States in northern and southern India and this TVC will enable us to effectively reach out to our diversified consumers across the country.”
Dheeraj Sinha, chief strategy officer, Grey South and South East Asia, said, “Culturally, food is the greatest binder of people. The ritual of breaking bread together is prominent in all faiths. Muslims have the ritual of breaking fast together during Ramadaan. Similarly, in northern India we have the concept of Sanjha Chulha, which means community cooking. These rituals of breaking bread together have been designed to keep communities intact. With growing fractions in our society today, it's only pertinent that we remind ourselves of the importance of communities living together. It just so happens that bread and atta (flour) sits at the heart of this. This is an attempt by the brand to rekindle and celebrate the symbolic act of breaking bread and building connections.”
Sandipan Bhattacharya, CCO, Grey group India, said, “We did not want the communication to be typical of what the category has been doing for so long. We purposely avoided the ‘home space’ and mother’s feeding their families. The brief allowed us to look at ordinary situations and how through a simple gesture, these self-made walls could come crumbling down.”
Vineet Singh, VP – client services, Grey group India, added, "It is great to work on a brand that has the courage to break away from the routine. Our aim was to show that the humble roti binds people together – it is the common thread that links rich and poor, families, communities and strangers alike – comes alive through this TVC."
Client: Parakh Agro Industries
Creative agency: Grey group India, Mumbai
Creative team: Sandipan B, Louella Rebello, Juneston Mathana, Adarsha Deshbhratar
Account management: Vineet Singh, Mudassir Ansari
Planning: Dheeraj Sinha, Sonya Misquitta
Films (Grey Works): Samir Chadha, Jignya Shedge
Production house: Off Road Films
Director: Manoj Tapadia
Executive producer: Khalil Bachooali