Shephali Bhatt
Apr 26, 2012

Reliance introduces blue Android bot in new campaign

WATCH the TV commercial created by Grey India

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For all the Android bots who are accustomed to a green character representing the bot, Reliance Mobile has rolled out a new campaign featuring a blue Android bot specifically for its users. This campaign is in line with the announcement of Google and Reliance entering into a joint venture to promote Android based phones in India.

The campaign consists of three TVCs which serve as a prelude to the 'Ultimate adventures of the blue bot', a campaign which is in the offing now.

In each of the TVCs, the original Android bot (green in colour) wants to turn blue and tries every possible shenanigan in order to do that. It swallows blue paint, rolls itself on wet blue paint, and keeps itself inside a refrigerator. Eventually, it only converts into a blue bot once it jumps into the Reliance blue pool, symbolic of Reliance 3G services.

Watch the other two TVCs (story continues below)



Rohit Malkani, senior executive creative director, Grey Mumbai, shed some light on the brief given to the agency and its execution thereon. He said, "Since Reliance and Google Android were coming together, we had to make the Android bot unique to Reliance. We thought of making it a blue bot and showing how every Android bot wants to be a blue bot."

Unplugged moments:
Malkani also shared some anecdotes from the two months that they took to take this campaign out. He said, "We underwent hundreds of discussions on how to make the bot emote. Each person in the team added their bit and that's how the blue bot got built along the way. Right from its antennae, the glow, to the LED lighting, everything kept on adding to the overall look of the bot. And Mikey McCleary lend lovely music to the entire campaign." He added that McCleary managed to change the lyrics of each film while keeping the melody intact.


Client: Reliance Communications
Agency: Grey India
National creative director: Amit Akali & Malvika Mehra
Senior executive creative director: Rohit Malkani
Senior creative director: Goral Ajmera & Kunj Shah
Creative team: Goral Ajmera, Rohit Malkani, Kunj Shah, Nitin Patil, Pallavi Chakraborty, Santosh Joglekar, Ayesha Dubash, Chitra Banu, Ashwin KN.
Vice president (servicing): Mithun Bardhan Roy
Director - client Services: Sidheshwar Sharma
Client servicing team: Rahebar Sonawalla, Aditya Krishnadas
Senior vice president (planning): Arindam Sarkar
Planning team: Aunkita Dey
Senior vice president (films): Samir Chadha
Films team: Bijuriya Mathur, Manjula Moses
Production house: Film Philisophy / Payal Davda
Director: Hi-Sim

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