Reliance General Insurance is a friend in need for your car

Watch the films conceptualised by ^ a t o m here

Jan 09, 2022 07:20:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Reliance General Insurance has rolled out a campaign titled 'Car ka yaar' (your car buddy) to position the brand's car insurance offerings. 


Conceptualised by ^ a t o m, the animated films reinforce the brand's positioning as the 'friend in need' for car insurance customers.


The first film showcases a superhero who lands on a tourists car crashing the car in the process of his heroic act but since RGI is a friend in need it can cover the expenses of the damage. 


The second film features RGI taking care of a customers tire being punctured by a rocket. Whereas the third film depicts a man showing off his new car, however, a dragon sneezes and lets out a fire which makes the entire car break down. The films highlight how the insurance plan will take care of all the expenses for the damages. 

The fourth film features an animated family on a road trip to Goa, unfortunately, a meteor crashes in front of them on the road and cuts their trip short. The film highlights its overnight hotel accommodation feature that is provided to car insurance consumers of RGI. 

The fifth film showcases an impatient man in a traffic jam and just when he is about to lose his patience, a UFO bumps into his car. The film highlights the instant video assistance it provides consumers of RGI's car insurance. 

Anand Singhi, chief distribution officer, Reliance General Insurance, said, "Classically, the insurance sector has been filled with serious narratives depicting care, security, and various other emotional spiels. With the campaign, we have tried to break free the monotony and freshly communicate our message with a bit of humour and quirkiness." 


Singhi added, "The insurance industry has evolved a great deal in the past few years, bringing in changes in customers' insurance requirements. RGICL strives to meet customers' evolving needs with innovative product offerings such as redesigned add-ons and industry-first features. Add-ons are critical components in car insurance policies that offer additional protection. People can choose the right add-on products based on their coverage requirements. However, there is a lack of awareness. With this campaign, we have tried to raise the awareness about car insurance add-ons and how they can offer financial protection against various types of car damages."


Yash Kulshretsha and Ananda Sen (CCO and NCD respectively), ^ a t o m, said, "The motor insurance journey is filled, with doubts and scepticism of customers. The fear of not having something covered in an accident is more significant than the accident itself. We set out to highlight that with a series of films under 'No matter what happens to your car, you can always rely on your #CarKaYaar." 



Brand's marketing team: Surabhi Kanjilal, Rahul Sharma, Shilpa Bopanna

Chief creative officer: Yash Kulshrestha

National creative director and vice president: Ananda Sen

Group creative head: Ravi S, Pratik Chavan

Creative team: Prasad Patil, Rajat Patekar

Strategy lead: Ruma Singhal

Account team: Ruhee Chamadia, Abhirath Shetty, Goonj Sardana

Production house: Rocket Science Animations

Producer: Gautam Singh