Pooja Ahuja Nagpal
Sep 21, 2012

Recycle triangle inspires ad for new Park Avenue Sliver face wash

Watch the ad film created by Publicis Ambience here

Park Avenue has rolled out a new TVC for its Sliver face wash. The ad film is created by Publicis Ambience. The TVC is on air and will be subsequently joined by two shorter ad films in a series of campaigns.



The ad film commences with a crumpled paper bearing a man’s face, flying out of the window. The paper then flies around aimlessly, crushed by incoming cars, and finally lands in a fountain of water. In the water, the creases ease out, the wrinkles have vanished, and the face of the man is visible. The paper then starts flying in the air again and enters the same window and lands on the face of a man. The voice over says, “Only we can make this scarce resource blossom with vitality.” The TVC ends with a super of ‘Recycle your face’.

The paper equates human skin to natural resources, which are abused and neglected. However, it is in our hands to reverse the damage caused by using the face wash.

The other two TVCs are extensions of the same film but are of shorter duration. In these films, the man is wearing a mask of the same crumpled paper. But, once he washes his face with the face wash, the mask goes and his face is glowing and rejuvenated.

Commenting on the ad film, Ashish Khazanchi, national creative director, Publicis Ambience, says, “Sliver, Park Avenue’s sub brand, has shaving creams and was foraying into the face wash category. The product range has a lot of natural ingredients like sea weed, orange peel and neem extracts which revitalise your skin. These natural ingredients rehydrate, refresh, and replenish the face. So while we were working on it, we automatically formed the recycle triangle, which was the genesis of the idea. These three things together help you recycle your face. The daily grime takes a toll but by using the face wash, you can rejuvenate and recycle your face.”

The three TVCs will be on air for four weeks, post that there will be activation programmes.


Client: Park Avenue
Creative agency: Publicis Ambience
Client servicing: Paritosh Srivastava, Shweta Gaitonde Smetacek, Dharal
Goshalia, Yesha Shah
Creative: Ashish Khazanchi
Agency producer: Khvafar Vakaria
Director: Lloyd Baptista
Production house: 7 films

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