Raymond celebrates 'the many things' that make 'The Complete Man'

Watch the ad film conceptualised Famous Innovations here.

Oct 14, 2014 09:09:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Raymond rolled out a new brand campaign on 11 October. The campaign conceptualised by Famous Innovations includes two ad films, one of which is on air.
It captures the evolving relationship between a father and his teenage daughter. It begins with the duo walking through a park, with the daughter resting on her father’s arm lovingly. At one point, she lets go of her father’s arm, distances herself, and waves out to her friends who invite her to join them.
The girl's dilemma on whether or not she should leave her father’s side is evident. The father meanwhile begins to reminisce about all the times his daughter would hold on to him, and need him by her side. As the flashback ends, he smiles and gestures for her to join her friends.
As the girl gleefully runs towards her friends, a voice over says, “Many things make the complete man. Letting go is just one of them.”
Sanjay Behl, CEO, Raymond said, “Raymond's core brand proposition 'The Complete Man' has timeless relevance and has always stayed at the heart of our product ethos. However, the brand expression needs to be constantly evolved in an ever-changing socio-cultural backdrop. The new thematic brand film with its refreshing insight builds relevance for ‘The Complete Man’ in today's context. The brand campaign will be supplemented with a series of simple, engaging and impactful product proposition films to further enhance Raymond's strength in diverse product categories."
Raj Kamble, founder and CCO, Famous Innovations, added, “The legacy of the Complete Man is truly awe-inspiring. I worked on this brand at the start of my career 20 years ago, and it is an honour to be able to take it forward today. Being a proud father of a daughter myself, I can say that this film was born from our experiences. I am confident every father who has a daughter will connect with this.”
Client: Raymond 
Creative agency: Famous Innovations
Creative team: Raj Kamble, Hayden Scott
Agency producer: Shridhar Bhave
Production house: Ramesh Deo Productions
Director: Abhinay Deo
Executive producer: Apurba Sengupta
DOP: Karthik Vijay