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Sep 25, 2014

PolicyBazaar urges buyers to wake up and view the options

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Lowe Lintas here has rolled out a new ad film conceptualised by Lowe Lintas. The film that went on air on 19 September targets car insurance buyers. It will be followed by two other films on other insurance offerings.


The film features a couple who are in the process of purchasing a car with their eyes closed, literally. They are in a 'car showroom' that has nothing but four-wheeled pushcarts. As they stand there with their eyes closed, a salesman talks them through the fantastic 'features' of the ‘car’. The couple seem extremely impressed and decide to buy the ‘car’. The film ends with the couple posing for a picture with their newly acquired 'car' (pushcart) as a voice over says, “Band aakhon se gaadi nahin khareedte, toh car insurance kyun? Aakhen kholo. PolicyBazaar par policies compare karo aur saath hazaar tak bachao” (When you don’t buy a car with your eyes closed, why buy the car insurance blindly? Open your eyes and compare policies on and save up to Rs 7000).


Naveen Kukreja, CMO,, said, “Our new campaign is based on the insight that we usually consult or compare before making any big purchase decision such as buying a new car or choosing your child’s school. However, when it comes to buying insurance we still blindly depend on the person selling insurance. It is aimed at creating awareness among consumers, helping them compare different options and make an informed decision for their insurance needs. Through this campaign, we are urging consumers to move beyond ‘blindly buying their car and health insurance’ and make an informed choice.”


Shriram Iyer, executive creative director, Lowe Lintas, added, "The idea behind the Policy Bazaar campaign came from the fact that even today people actually buy insurance for their precious commodities with their eyes closed. Be it any kind of insurance, in most of the cases it is always someone known who recommends the plan and we buy it without thinking twice. Hence, through this series of films, we have shown how people making purchase decisions with eyes closed go wrong. And in the end leave them with a question that if they don't make purchase decisions like that, then why do they purchase insurance with their eyes closed?"





Agency: Lowe Lintas

Production house: Chrome Pictures

Director (film): Anaam Mishra

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