Pepsi MTV Indies urges audience to 'Step Up’, with spoofs

Watch the four spots that are part of the integrated campaign here

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Pepsi MTV Indies, which went live on 15 March this year, has launched a marketing campaign urging viewers to 'step up’ from the regular Television fare and ‘discover’ the new channel.
Four ad spots are part of the campaign and went on air on 8 July. Each of them spoofs a TV programming genre: soaps, item songs, reality shows and news.
The spoof on daily soaps (above) features a typical scene from a family drama. The twist at the end appears in the form of a button at the bottom of the frame which the characters are surprised to see. It says, ‘Step Up’. The new channel is then introduced. The other films follow on similar lines, with creative customised for the genre being spoofed.  
Beyond Reality Shows

Beyond Newsroom
Beyond Item Numbers
Sumeli Chatterjee, head – marketing and insights, MTV and Pepsi MTV Indies, said, “The audience is curious to think beyond the routine content and explore the new talent across music, films and comedy. Mainstream has become formulae driven, Routine is boring, and MTV is stubborn about killing the boring. ‘Step up. Discover.’ is not just a campaign line, it is also the brand philosophy that will guide programing on the channel. Pepsi MTV Indies will enable the viewers’ discovery of the pulsating indie subculture. A world that is independent, earnest, honest and extremely talented. Stepping away from convention, this campaign has been co-created with a collective of independent musicians, lyricists and film makers to stay true to the spirit of this movement.”
Chatterjee added, “The campaign is built on principles of micro-targeting. There are multiple videos that address multiple genres of content. In true indie style, this campaign intercepts the audience as they are consuming their routine content. Because, that is exactly the time the viewer is open to discovering more in the same genre. Example, if you are watching news updates and are yawning between the cacophony of debates, that’s when you are likely to run into the news room commercial of ‘Step Up. Discover.’”  
The campaign will straddle radio, web and mobile. The brand will target youth hangouts, and engage in on-ground activations at colleges, multiplexes, and nightlife spots.
Music: Raxit Tewari (of rock band Sky Rabbit)
Voice, lyrics, direction: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy (director - MTV Bring on the Night, Dewarists)



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