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Nov 18, 2015

PepperTap uses 'ordering wife' scenarios to underline ease of grocery ordering

Watch the digital films conceptualised by Option Designs here

PepperTap has rolled out a digital campaign to underline the ease of grocery shopping using the app.  Two of three films in the campaign are currently live. The campaign has been conceptualised by Option Designs.
One of the films begins with a young man waking up on what looks like a day off. He strolls sleepily into the living room and settles on the sofa. While he is set to play a video game, his wife is busy in the kitchen. She admonishes him for chewing gum at home, even as he tries to hide, giving us a glimpse of the power equation between the two. She then calls out to him, angrily ordering him to get the groceries at least an hour before their guests arrive. The man tries to assure her but in vain. As she rattles off the list of groceries, the items hit him on the face one after the other. Post the assault, a voice over advises the husband to use the PepperTap app to buy groceries, with the promise of "Bahut aasaan hai” (It's very easy).   

Another film sees the husband returning home from work. Back home, the lady's list of things to buy hits him hard – from diapers and cold drinks for his friends to ketchup, among other things.  The film takes a similar route to the one above with items being pelted on the man till the voice over and the app come to his rescue. 
Tahseen Quadri, VP – marketing, PepperTap, said, “This is an attempt at reaching out to our target audience. We believe that the power of our service needs to be conveyed effectively to the right people. So, there’s nothing that works better than a well thought of campaign, to create that recall we have in mind. Our objective is to connect with couples, nuclear families, bachelors and masses – all of whom can save so much time and energy by buying their monthly groceries from PepperTap. We want to reinforce the fact that using PepperTap means spending more time with family while not worrying about grocery shopping.”
Japneet Singh, creative chief officer, Option Designs, said, " It is a well-known fact that wife always find husband lazy and ignorant of household tasks.  PepperTap gives you ease, comfort and convenience to order from your couch lazying around at home. The campaign 'Bahut aasaan hai' spins around a situation of a young couple; wife loses her cool as she runs out of groceries and fights with her husband to bring them instantly.”
Rahul Gandhi, sr. account director, Option Designs, added, "I see an interesting challenge as the category is as yet blossoming. We have tried to present to the audience a quirky, witty and playful communication 'Bahut aasaan hai', that will help us make PepperTap, a household name."
Client: PepperTap
Creative: Option Designs
Chief creative officer: Japneet
Creative director: Jaspreet
Senior account director: Rahul Ganhi
Associate creative director, Mumbai: Mahendra
Account manager: Meenakshi


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