Shephali Bhatt
May 08, 2012

NutraSweet's 'guilt-free' sweetener - not just for the health-conscious

WATCH the TV commercial created by Mudra, Ahmedabad

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Nirma has rolled out a new ad campaign to propagate the launch of NutraSweet, an artificial sweetener, for the Indian market. The campaign has been created and conceived by Mudra, Ahmedabad.

The ad shows how people shy away from consuming sweets and desserts in their day-to-day lives. It shows instances where a man takes only a morsel of a birthday cake instead of the entire piece, a mother of a newly born baby accepts only a tidbit of a laddoo, another man drinks only two sips of tea in place of an entire cup, and another lady consumes just a pinch of a gulab jamun instead of the entire sweet. The next frame shows two carefree kids making a dessert and happily mixing NutraSweet to the concoction. The voice-over suggests that with NutraSweet one wouldn't have to feel guilty every time one thought about binging on sweets and desserts.

Commenting on the brief given by the client, Ravinder Siwach, executive creative director, Mudra, Ahmedabad, said, "While launching this sugar substitute we were clear that we weren't entering the space of overtly health conscious people. We were targeting anybody who is consuming sweets. All of us approach sweets with a little bit of guilt these days. Therefore, this campaign communicates to everybody that NutraSweet tastes as good as sugar."

Unplugged moments:

Kitisha Gaglani, executive producer, Hello Robot, shared a few light anecdotes from the shoot. "The kid's birthday party scene was literally a riot. The sun was going down and there were about a 1000 balloons to fill and throw in the shot," she reminisces. In the meanwhile, she observed that the kids were busy stomping away and bursting the balloons, screaming, shouting, attacking the goodies on the table and generally having a blast.


Client: Nirma - NutraSweet
Agency: Mudra, Ahmedabad
Creative: Ravinder Siwatch
Executive producer: Kitisha Gaglani, Hello Robot
Director: Amit Gupta, Hello Robot
Production house: Hello Robot

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