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Oct 09, 2014

NSDC claims calls up from 300 to 20 k per day after 'Hunar hai toh kadar hai' campaign: Updated

Watch the ad films conceptualised by Ogilvy and Mather here

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), not-for-profit company under the newly created Ministry of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Youth Affairs and Sports, has launched its second media campaign which includes three TVCs. The ad films have been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather.
The first set of films on the theme 'Hunar Hai Toh Kadar Hai' (With skill comes respect) were launched in February. The new ones follow the same theme, encouraging people to give a missed call on 0880005555, upon which they will receive a call back with further information and details on NSDC's training modules. The end result being their moving up in life, empowered by the skills gained.
The ad film begins with a male protagonist in a marketplace where he notices a woman paying a man working on jewellery. Noticing an NSDC van parked nearby and a group of people making enquiries, he makes a few of his own. The scene shifts to his entering a gems and jewellery training center. The ad film progresses to show his training going well, him and his family meeting the potential bride's family and him getting a certificate on completion of his training. He is then shown joining the production workforce of a large jewellery store. A rise in his socio-economic status is shown through him buying movie tickets and being out on an evening with the whole family - he foots the bill. His wife, the lady we saw earlier as the potential bride, now with a baby in her arms, looks on proudly. Through a voiceover, the protagonist urges the audience to work out the appropriate course and give a missed call on the NSDC helpline. He signs off with the campaign line, 'Hunar Hai Toh Kadar Hai'.

This ad film begins with a young girl throwing a tantrum over her mother not buying her a bicycle. The mother is pulling her daughter out of the shop when she sees an NSDC ad film playing in a nearby shop. The mother visits the NSDC center to get information about the course she is interested in - to become a security professional. Her training sessions soon follow, as does a certificate on course completion. Next, she is seen getting ready for the day as a member of security staff at a mall. She goes about her job with pride. One-mail fine days, her daughter returns from school to find the bicycle she was yearning for parked by the door. The same message as in the above film, this time from the female protagonist, follows.

The narration in this collection of scenes explains how one missed call can affect a person's life. The ad film shows people enrolling themselves into training for various skill development sessions. The film ends with the same voiceover as in the above videos.
Dilip Chenoy, MD and CEO, NSDC, said, “Through our TVCs, we have always wanted to showcase four basic things to all our stakeholders - utility of the NSDC certificate, productivity of the certificate, companies understanding the value of the certificate and the whole process impacting the life of people getting skilled.”
“Before the launch of this campaign, our call centre used to receive around 300 calls per day on an average. After the launch, the same rose to around 20,000 per day in the first few days. I am thrilled at the response we have got so far and I am optimistic that through these TVCs and other means, we will be able to achieve our target of skilling 33 lakh people for this financial year,” he added.    
Client: NSDC
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Managing director and CEO: Dilip Chenoy
The article has been amended to reflect that NSDC is no longer under the Ministry of Finance and is now under the newly formed Ministry of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Youth Affairs and Sports.
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