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May 29, 2017

MMGB: Wonder Cement stresses on the importance of the right foundation

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Start your working week with Wonder Cement's brand thought 'Shuruvat Karo' (make the right beginning). Conceptualised by the in-house team at Wonder Cement, the film shows how making the right start is extremely important in every mission one looks to achieve.
It opens with a teacher and his assistant ringing a bell to call out to the children of the village to come study. But the bell gets no attention. The teacher then takes it down to himself to make sure this changes.
He rides by to a nearby cement store and starts laying out the bricks by himself. His assistant notices his hard work and gets the villagers to support him. Their hard work pays off when the school is built and children run towards it to seek education. 
Tarun Singh Chauhan, management consultant, Wonder Cement, said, "The concept of  Shuruaat Karo build from a brand based of a 'ek perfect shuruvat', 'Pakki Baat Karo' conveys a powerful message for the need of a proper beginning in life. If the start is good the rest to follow will also be in order. We have used education as a metaphor to narrate this story. School facilitates education for our future generation and integrates the key brand messages of strength, trust, and durability of the Wonder Cement in the commercial, as the fundamental input of Cement plays an important role to have perfect start." 
Client: Wonder Cement 
Concept: Zahid Khan (head – branding), Bhagyashri Pokharana, Kriti Detha
Production house: Chrome Pictures
Director: Amit Sharma
Producer: Poonam Wahi
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