Campaign India Team
Oct 19, 2020

McDowell's urges friends to show emotions while with each other

Watch the films conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group

McDowell's India has rolled out a campaign consisting of three films that have been conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group. 
The films are based on a survey conducted by YouGov and McDowell’s No1 Soda which revealed that most friends prefer to not express their emotions about each other directly. This campaign highlights the need to express one’s emotions without any hesitation. It shows three different scenarios where friends friends always have each other's backs. 

Amarpreet Anand, executive vice president and portfolio head, Diageo India said, “The powerful insight of the importance of expressing one’s emotions to their yaars (friends) built the foundation of this campaign. We believe that in these troubles times not just saying it but also listening to how your friend feels and the importance you bring can be very reassuring. We would like to encourage this among yaars through an integrated campaign for the brand and hope to take one step forward into meaningful friendships. The campaign is going live when the T20 league is on, which is a great to kickstart the journey. We hope through our efforts we can encourage friends to appreciate each other, their company and their support through life’s ups and downs. McDowell’s No1 Soda since its inception has believed in celebrating friendships and we now aim to reinforce it, stronger.”

Amit Kekre, national strategy head, DDB Mudra Group, added, “This campaign is about friendships and the need for us to openly acknowledge and celebrate them! But this campaign is also so much more. Through the window of friendships, it opens an essential dialogue about the way emotional intimacy seen in our country. Outside of romantic relationships, most relationships in India, from friendships to familial ones are almost always taken for granted. We find it awkward to tell our friends that we love them or how much they matter to us! The culprit behind is the strict and stoic codes of conduct defined by a hypermasculine society, which render an overt show of emotion towards others (especially those of the same sex) as a sign of weakness. It is immediately labelled and stigmatised as too feminine, mushy, soppy! About time we dropped these archaic notions. What better way to herald this change with one of the most beautiful and timeless relationships ever - the bond of friendships!”
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