Raahil Chopra
Jan 17, 2012

McDonald's promotes its 'Happy Price Menu' in new campaign

Leo Burnett has created three new TVCs to show the happiness McDonald's 'Happy Price Menu' spreads.

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In the TVC titled 'Birthday', a school going child alongwith his friends is shown fooling his school bus driver, by giving him directions to McDonald's instead of the stop he was supposed to get down at. As the bus stops at the McDelivery counter, the children in the bus start singing 'happy birthday', as it's their bus driver's birthday.





In the TVC titled 'Arranged Marriage", a couple is shown at a McDonald's restaurant eating ice cream. The man is busy attending a work related call on his phone, which angers his wife. To sober her down he gives her a bite of his ice-cream. After a bite of the ice-cream the wife looks normal again and the man continues with his call.

In the TVC titled 'Injection', a man is shown getting an injection. His son is standing next to him and prepares him for the injection by telling him to be brave and not cry after the injection and also says that he will take him to McDonald's if he doesn't cry.

Commenting on the TVCs, Nitesh Tiwari, executive creative director, Leo Burnett said, “From discovering love in an arranged marriage to realising that you are more than just a driver to a bunch of school kids to a role reversal between a father and son, all such moments no one can put a price to. So we took these real slice of life situations and married them to the Happy Price Menu’s affordability to create this fresh campaign-emphasising price yet talking of making moments that will last a lifetime.”

Rameet Arora, senior director, McDonald’s added, “The new McDonald's campaign for the Happy Price Menu, reflects the joy, optimism and happiness that epitomizes McDonald's. The Happy Price Menu, with its deliciously affordable pricing and iconic products, opens the doors for everyone, young old; affluent, budget seeker; working adult, families. The campaign ropes together the brand, the food and the prices. In my opinion it isn’t just advertising for the budget menu, it’s advertising for McDonald's the brand.”

Client: McDonald's
Agency: Leo Burnett
Executive creative director: Nitesh Tiwari    
Creative director: Vikram Pandey
Creative team: Brijesh Parmar, Piyush Gupta, Prasad Patil, Shreyas Jain, Manish Patel, Amit Thakur, Shobit Singh
Films department: Kevin Affonso, Manoj Pillai
Account management: Anup Vishwanathan, Nitin Sharma, Vanita D’Mello, Amrita Katara
Account planning: Aditi Patwardhan, Kanika Gupta, Abhinit Agarwal

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