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Oct 01, 2013

KFC says with tasty Rice Bowlz, you'll make everything else wait

Watch the ad film created by Ogilvy & Mather

KFC’s latest campaign introduces its new offering, Rice Bowlz. A TVC for the same created by Ogilvy & Mather went on air on 18 September.

The film features a young man seated on a motorcycle savouring his meal of KFC Rice Bowlz. As he is about to take his first bite, his phone rings. He picks up and says in Punjabi, ‘Tussi jerre number the call karna chande ho, woh network da bahar hai...’ As he starts to say, ‘The number you have dialled cannot be reached’ in English, the caller hangs up. He happily returns to his lunch. The voice over says, ‘Ab sab ko karao wait kyunki lunch is so great. Flavourful rice, spicy gravy and crunchy popcorn chicken. KFC ka naya Rice Bowlz’ (Now, make everyone wait, because the lunch is so great. KFC’s new Rice Bowlz). The film ends showing him relishing his food, saying, “Hmmm, so good.”

Ajay Gahlaut, executive creative director, Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon, said, “This is the first time that KFC is coming out with a rice-based dish. KFC is generally known for its chicken or veggie products and snacks. In India, rice is the staple food and is generally consumed as a meal and not as a snack in between meals. Hence, rice fits as food for lunch. So, the brief was to make this new product – ‘Rice Bowlz’ as a lunch offering. We turned it not just into lunch but into ‘extremely tasty lunch,’ as the biggest attribute of KFC is that they prepare and serve ‘extremely tasty’ food.”

“The creative idea was that if you are served extremely tasty food, then you do not want to be disturbed by anybody and you want to enjoy your meal in peace. So, we had this young guy who is enjoying his lunch and is disturbed by a phone call. Instead of answering the call, he avoids it, and gets back to relishing his meal. This was the basic thought of the film,” he added.

Dhruv Kaul, Director, marketing, KFC, said, “Young adults in India are pressed for time, and find it hard to grab a wholesome and tasty lunch. In our tech savvy lives today, we are bombarded with calls, messages and e-mails; and it’s hard to take a time-out for yourself. We’ve brought that insight alive in an easy, cool manner in our recent advertising and are confident that it will resonate with our customers!”

Client: KFC
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather       
Executive creative director: Ajay Gahlaut
Production house: Soda Films
Director: Rajesh Krishnan

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