Arati Rao
Mar 08, 2011

"In the digital world, no matter who you are, you're exposed": Interbrand's Green

Interbrand Asia Pacific chief executive officer, Stuart Green, offers his views on social media, digital, and why brands should maybe think twice before signing on for that cricket sponsorship, among other things

Campaign India caught up with Stuart green, chief executive officer, Interbrand Asia Pacific, during his recent visit to Mumbai. The first question we asked him was about how Indian companies are responding to the work that brand consultancies do.  

Next up, we asked Green questions about how critical a sports sponsorship is for a brand, considering the sheer number that can be seen during the current ICC World Cup and the companies that will be considering one for the IPL. 

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Green said, "We've got to work out what value that sponsorship brings for the brand." To that end, it's also about which aspect of the brand will be showcased. He cites the example of Rolex pitching precision for their sailing sponsorships. 
Answering a query about how he thinks brands are reacting to the temptation of social media, Green believed that a lot of companies are jumping on it, just to be there. He emphasised that it's more important to have a holistic digital strategy. "The one thing that is true about the digital world is that no matter who you are, you're exposed. You've got to be transparent and that forces better behaviour from companies, which I think is a good thing," he stated.