HCL goes viral to hire people

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HCL has rolled out a digital campaign that contains four video job postings that have been inspired by some of the years’ most viral videos. The films have been conceptualised by ITSA.
The four films are parody’s of the Harlem shake, Gangnam Style, Cat videos and the Suarez bite.
The first film entitled, “Harlem Shake goes hiral”, is a spoof of the Harlem shake viral sensation and is used to advertise the job for a voice support executive. The film begins with the protagonist explaining what a viral video is. He talks about there are a group of people who work so hard that, they have not seen these viral videos. He reasons that HCL has created these Hirals, so that people can see them as well as gain information for job opportunities. As he talks, the the famous video is recreated.
The second film entitled, “Gangnam Style”, is a parody of South Korean singer Psys’ song by the same name. Once again, the protagonist informs the viewers as to what a viral video is as ‘Psy’ dances in the background. The protagonist goes on to give out the description of a SAP FICO consultant. Once again he goes onto talk about how hard working people rarely see these viral videos, so to make sure people watch the videos and get relevant job information this effort has been taken.
The third film entitled “Cats”, is a take on the internets’ habit of making cat videos viral. Just as in the first two films, the protagonist uses the premise of cat videos to put out a job description of C and C++ professionals. He goes on the urge viewers to make the ‘cat’ video viral too so that people who are passionate about their work can see his job posting.
The final film entitled, “Suarez bites again”, is a take on the play acting that goes on in modern day football. The protagonist talks about how HCL loves IT infrastructure Level 3 support people. He makes an appeal to the viewers to make the film viral so that HCL may hire people who are too busy to look at viral videos.
All the films end with a super of the #Hiral, with a call to action that encourages viewers to share the films.
Emmanuel Upputuru, chief creative officer, ITSA, “The concept of Hiral videos comes from a unique perspective into the mind of the millennial IT professional. HCL continues to push us to push the envelope. We began the year with the award winning #CoolestInterview on Twitter. And it’s great that as the year ends we have another recruitment campaign that surprises us also. And I am positive that our coinage “Hiral Videos” will become the norm for calling recruitment videos in the future.”
Client: HCL technologies
Creative agency: ITSA
HCL Brand team: Shweta Rawat, Anandan Pillai, Abhinav Singh
Art director: Saaniya Singhal, Directors: Nitin George, Saaniya Singhal
Producer: Aamir Uzefaa,
Production house: ITSA Films
DOP: Tanweer Ahmed, Aamir  Uzefaa
Music: Nitin George
Account Management: Anirban Mozumdar, Paridhi Chopra, Gayathri Natarajan
Editing: Aamir Uzefaa, Tushaar Sahni
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