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Dec 12, 2014

Godrej looks to spread Ezee hugs

Watch the ad film conceptualised by JWT Mumbai here

Godrej Group has launched a film on its digital platform to support the ‘Godrej Ezee Raahat: Ek Abhiyaan’ campaign for Godrej Ezee. The film has been conceptualised by JWT Mumbai. The campaign urges Indians in the North of India to donate their spare woolens to underprivileged kids facing harsh winters in the North of India. 
The ad film is a montage of various slice-of-life scenes that depict warm moments by sharing hugs. The ad film shows a young boy riding on a cycle carrier as he excitedly hugs to the elder man riding the cycle. It progresses to show a young man atop a vehicle as he tries in vain to stay warm until a local man next to him shares his blanket with the young man, hugging him. Next, a couple is probably going to bed angry as the husband decides to make it better by hugging his wife. Two old ladies are shown having a fun time as they wear sunglasses and click selfies as they hug. Some kids are shown playing a game of hide and seek. Just as the seeker reaches a room where the rest of the kids are hiding, the others come out enveloping the seeker in a group hug. A young man is speaking on the phone as he loads his luggage on to a taxi. He leaves as his mother sees him go, a bit disappointed. The taxi comes to halt a few metres away as the man gets out and runs into his mother's arms. The film shows more such instances with the final one being a young school boy giving his woolen sweater to an underprivileged kid. A super follows which reads, 'Hugs are ezee. Everybody needs one.' The campaign goal is described through supers. 
Sunil Kataria, chief operating officer, sales and marketing, Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL), said, "The ‘Ezee Hugs’ film aims at creating awareness through digital media about winter-related hardships faced by underprivileged children in the absence of warm clothes. The film shows different moments of sharing warmth through simple hugs and ends with establishing a clear call to action – one that prompts people to lend a helping hand to the underprivileged children by donating woollens.”
Shweta Iyer, AVP and SCD and Simone Patrick, senior creative director, JWT India, commented, “The creative challenge was to make donations mean more to people. At the core of it, everyone knows how special a warm hug is in winter and we wanted to touch that emotion and bring it alive with this campaign.” 
They added, “The hashtag #ezeehugs will be promoted on digital platforms and people will be encouraged to label and share their special kind of hug, thereby celebrating and promoting 'Ezeehugs' in the digital space.”
The integrated campaign spans across print, radio and BTL, apart from the film.
Client: Godrej Group
Creative agency: JWT Mumbai
Creative: Shweta Iyer, Simone Patrick
Servicing: Sapan Satia, Aakansha Dua
Films: Anupama Ahluwalia, Jignya Shedge
Production house: Chrome Pictures
Director: Naved Ahmed
Producer: Prafull Sharma


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