GoDaddy gets ‘disco dancer’ Mithun da to communicate business benefits of a website

Watch the ad films conceptualised by Happy Creative Services here

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GoDaddy, a technology provider dedicated to small businesses, has launched a marketing campaign featuring Mithun Chakraborty.

A two-film campaign created by Happy Creative Services aims to educate small businesses in India about the benefits of getting a website. It is part of an overall marketing effort that will straddle search, display, e-mail and social media.

One of the films features a bakery devoid of customers. The lady who owns the bakery is bored and the chef is clicking selfies, when Chakraborty makes an entry with his group of dancers. He asks the lady if she wants more business. Based on her affirmative response, he presents a tablet with Godaddy displayed on it, and asks her to visit the website - to create a website, which will help get more business. He and his gang breaks into a dance sequence as the business of the bakery builds, and is soon joined by the bakery’s owner. As she says 'Go Dada', Chakraborty responds: 'GoDaddy'.

View the second film on similar lines here:

Rajiv Sodhi, managing director and vice president, GoDaddy India, said, “We believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the driving force behind India’s economy and we are here to empower them with the right tools. An increasing number of small businesses in the country are turning to GoDaddy to help them easily and affordably establish their online presence. Our creative approach for this campaign drives home the point, in a fun way, that having an online presence is essential to business success. This campaign is a reflection of our commitment to accelerate the adoption of websites in India.”

On the choice of Chakraborty for the campaign, he said, “Mithun da was the perfect choice for this commercial. He compliments our creative strategy by adding to the celebratory mood of the business owners in the ad when they taste success. His appeal spans generations and his name is synonymous with dance. He is someone who has made it solely on his own and is a role model for many - irrespective of the industry they are in.”

The films went on air on 21 March.



Agency: Happy Creative Services

Chief executive officer: Kartik Iyer

Chief creative officer: Praveen Das

Chief operating officer: Siddhartha Roy

Copy writer: Vijay Joy

Art director: Himesh C.H.

Account planning: Ravi Bhat

Group account manager: Ajay Kumar

Production house: Apostrophe films

Director: Koushik Sarkar

Producer: Hamesh MH / Divyesh Sata


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