Ford Figo swaps consumer’s car as part of new campaign

The campaign chronicled the experiences of a group of people who swapped their existing cars for new Ford cars 

Ford India has embarked upon a first of its kind initiative in India over the past few weeks, called the ‘Swap Your Drive’ advertising campaign. The campaign chronicled the experiences of a group of everyday people with varied backgrounds, who have swapped their existing cars for new Ford cars like the Figo Hatchback, the Fiesta Classic and the Endevour SUV for a week. 

Commenting on the campaign, Nigel E Wark, executive director, marketing, sales and service, Ford India, said, “The campaign justifies our attempt to bring consumers to the core of our marketing campaigns to drive real, credible and honest experiences. We aim to usher in a new era of marketing communications where we are co-creating content and building advocates. We have felt that challenging people’s perceptions head-on is the best way to transform opinions.”

While the campaign is itself an adaptation of an earlier international campaign run by Ford ‘Swap your ride’, social media has been extensively used to drive forward the communication. This is the second instance, after the Ford Fiesta launch campaign, from the American automobile brand where everyday consumers are being used as central characters for the advertising campaign.

“Nothing influences a customer’s notions about a car as much as an extensive test-drive and ownership experience and we exactly did that to educate people about Ford products. We’re tapping real people, allowing them to experience our vehicles for themselves and then capturing their enthusiasm for the products,” he added.  





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