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Jan 11, 2021

FIAPO plants the seeds of compassion

Watch the films conceptualised by TBWA\ India here

The Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisations (FIAPO) launched a campaign to urge India to take the 21-day Eat The Plant challenge. The campaign, conceptualised by TBWA\India, broke online with a Baba Sehgal original track seeding the message - Plant Khao Planet Nahi.

Now, a film (above) showcases influencers making a donation to heal planet earth by gorging on their favourite plant-based delicacies. 
Varda Mehrotra, executive director, FIAPO, said, "We have always known that plant-based diets are better for our health, for the planet and for the animals. Now with Covid-19, we need to focus on boosting our immunity and staying away from animal foods that can cause zoonotic diseases, severe environmental damage and are extremely cruel to animals. Doctors have already told us this, and now we are delighted that some of India’s top celebrities and creative minds are lending their voice to advocate for this shift, at such a crucial time. It’s the time for #EatThePlantNotThePlanet.”
Parixit Bhattacharya, chief creative officer, TBWA\ India, said, “Our food choices are hard coded into us and to break them is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. Yet, we have to make a start somewhere. That’s where the 21-day plant based food challenge comes in. To position the challenge as a fun one we created a tongue-in-cheek platform 'Eat The Plant Not The Planet'. We got Voctronica to produce the song and created a fun animation meets acapella video. We also got Baba Sehgal to make his own song and video based on our idea. And, there are a couple of more social activations that will follow the anthem.”
Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA\ India, added, “'Eat the plant, not the planet’ is not only a noble endeavour, but should also be seen as a motivational initiative to promote personal health and well-being. The more people take the 21-day challenge, I am sure they will observe positive impact on their own well-being.”
Creative agency: TBWA\ India
Creative team: Geet Rathi Ahana Chaudhuri, Parixit Bhattacharya
Account team: Rohini Radhakrishnan, Namrata Nandan
Strategy team: Subramaniam Krishnan
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