Dhara looks to change habits inside the kitchen and outside

Watch the ad film conceptualised by DDB Mudra here

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Dhara has rolled out a campaign that looks to spread the awareness of the usage of edible oils. 
Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, the film also showcases a societal change. It opens on a dining table. A lady is at her colleague's house for a meal. Also on the table are the colleague's husband, mother and mother-in-law. The lady is enjoying the food and claims that she'd love to visit her mother in Jaipur for another meal. The colleague's husband responds that his mother-in-law now stays with the family and not in Jaipur. As the lady is looking a little confused, the boy's mother states that if a son can stay with her mother, then why can't a daughter with her mother. 
Hearing this the lady is both surprised and happy. The film ends with the voice over stating that it's time to bring a change in terms of the amount of oil one uses while cooking too as all three women are shown in the kitchen.
Saugata Mitra, director, Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable, said, “Dhara, a time trusted brand has always been blessed with the patronage of consumers for three decades. In our efforts to make our consumers more aware, we have always recommended the right usage of edible oils for a healthy living. Through this new campaign, we are attempting to promote healthy lifestyle and encourage people to bring in small change for larger benefits of healthy living. The larger thought is too bring in a change in routine habits that are sustainable for life.”
Sanjeev Giri, business head, Dhara, said, "Dhara as a conscious brand has always believed in responsible consumption of edible oils. We are amongst the first brands to carry a statutory messaging recommending to consume cooking oil in moderation with physical exercise. Taking the same ethos ahead, we are now evolving our positioning to ‘health living’. The initiative titled ‘Zara Sa Badlav Banaye Life Behtar’ is aimed at educating the consumers about the right usage of edible oils using daily life connotation of a family. We are confident that the consumers will relate to our approach and will gradually be more responsible for a healthy life.”
Brijesh Jacob, chief creative technologist, DDB Mudra Group, added, “When it comes to Dhara and communication, the world is clearly divided into those who fondly remember the ‘Jalebi Ad’ and those who just have top-of-mind-recall for the name Dhara. It is a brand a part of India grew up with and the task was to strengthen the emotional connect while also building relevance for the rest of the country. We felt that there needs to be a change in the cooking oil and oil consumption conversation and who better than Dhara to initiate this. While the communication ends with a bold message - an oil brand urging users to consume less oil, the ‘Zara Sa Badlaav’ campaign is all about change. And the one thing we know about change is that begins best at home. We want to spark meaningful conversations that discusses such change. Both in our homes and society as a whole. All of this is not new, we have retained the most recognisable marker – the Dhara jingle. You will hear a new avatar of the widely popular and loved jingle in the videos.”
Client: Dhara (Mother Dairy)
Creative agency: DDB Mudra 
Chief creative technologist: Brijesh Jacob
Head of office (North): Rajiv Sabnis
Creative head, North: Subhashish Datta, Preeta Mathur
Account management: Vineet Kindra, Neha Kapoor, Vinshul Upadhyay
Creative team (copy): Brajesh Kumar
Creative team (art): Manoranjan Kumar
Account planning: Sumeer Mathur
Production house: Radhika Produces Films
Director: Suresh Triveni


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