Datsun goes poli-tickle in its latest Redi-GO campaign

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Jun 06, 2017 10:43:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Datsun has launched ‘Vote For Change’,  to promote the Datsun Redi-GO.
‘Vote For Change’ aims to disrupt the small car segment using the theme and cultural grammar of national elections. It will run in a phased manner, like an election campaign, and calls on voters to reject the status quo of three decades, including lack of choice and dated technology.
The light-hearted brand campaign uses elections as a theme to reach out to the people as elections are periodic opportunities for people to stand up, indicate their choice, and send a strong signal to those at the top.
"Elections force change, new leaders emerge, and the conventional order is disrupted. Datsun’s #VoteForChange campaign is a way for people to ‘declare independence’, particularly first-time car buyers, who have long experienced few choices in the small car segment, which has been dominated by major players," says a company statement.
The opening film features a television anchor closely resembling Arnab Goswami and named Redi-GO Swami who's shouting into the camera about a revolution taking place.
The second ad in the campaign shows a politician bearing a stark resemblance to PM Modi, minus his beard, launching a new political outfit called "the Datsun Party" that will bring home the change that the young deserve.
The campaign intends to position Datsun as the most compelling alternative in India, and in election parlance – ‘the most eligible small car candidate in India’. It asks voters (consumers) to declare independence from the limitations of small cars. Others who feature in this campaign include look-alikes of Mamata Banerjee and Baba Ramdev.
The campaign’s objective is to disrupt the longstanding conventional wisdom concerning the small car segment. Jerome Saigot, vice president, Datsun India, said, “Datsun is a challenger brand and we have been competing with the established players in the industry for three years now. Our new #VoteForChange campaign was sparked by the notion of elections and choices. We believe that the secret to making a change is to focus positive energy--not on confronting the old, but building the new. Datsun aims to strike the right chord with young risers in India through this campaign.”
The #VoteForChange campaign will consist of 360-degree multimedia activities including a series of television commercials, and a major social activation phase which has multiple TVCs featuring Vinay Pathak playing various quirky avatars.
Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA\India said, “We believe that the addictive energy of the ‘Vote for Change’ Datsun Redi-GO election campaign will resonate with Indians, who aspire for change at a fast pace.”
Pandey adds, “Brands in India are politically correct and typically shy away from the theme of elections, whereas news and debates culture feeds off it in a big way. We decided to harness the evocative power of elections, which cuts through the all barriers; geographical, cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious barriers and invites people to participate in the process of change. The brand believes that the moment of change has arrived in the Indian small car segment, and it’s time for car buyers to exercise their choice.”
The #VoteforChange campaign will run on TV, Print, OOH, and Social Media, with communication assets rolled out similar to a typical election campaign. In Phase 1, the issue is provoked. In Phase 2, the new party and candidate are announced, and the election manifesto is launched. The public will be rallied and encouraged to vote, with the election covered on top news portals. Spoof films with actor Vinay Pathak are used to connect with the audience. Finally, in Phase 3, the victory rally is held and promises are delivered.