D&AD Video: Terry Hunt, Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing

WATCH the Foreman of Direct category talk about new trends, successful direct campaigns

Apr 19, 2012 03:30:00 PM | Video | Gunjan Prasad


Terry Hunt, president of Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing, and Foreman of Direct category at D&AD spoke with Campaign while taking a short break from his jury duty. When asked what his judging criteria for the category was, he said, “What we are looking at in the category is something that is distinguishably direct. A winning campaign has to be something that has a cause and effect and is not simply anything that is in an envelope or on the website.”

Calling ‘digital’ the biggest revolution to have hit the direct marketing business in the recent times, Hunt said that the degree of personalisation and immediacy that has been an important ingredient of direct has been made easily achievable and affordable by digital.

On CRM, he explained that the brands that seek permission from consumers to talk to them regularly and suggest ways in which they might get better value are the best users of CRM.