Couple discover ‘Platinum Day of Love’, through pangs of first separation

Watch the ad film created by Metal Communications here

Oct 22, 2012 01:55:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Platinum Guild International has come out with a new film building on its ‘Platinum Day of Love’ plank. Created by Metal Communications, the film went on air on 19 October.

Staying with celebrating the day a married couple discover that they are truly meant for each other, the new TVC tells the story through a couple’s first ‘separation’.

The young woman is shown packing her suitcase for her first visit back home to India since her wedding. She packs in gifts for those back home with help from her husband. As they part ways at the airport, the couple realises through their pangs of separation that this is their ‘Day of Love’. The film ends with a voice over that says ‘Platinum... because real love can only begin, never end’

Narayan Kumar, chief creative officer, Metal Communications, said, "We thought it was time to take the ‘Platinum Day of Love’ concept one level deeper. The story would still be about a young couple inside of an arranged marriage, but with an added emotional dimension."

On the plot, he explained, "That is the real life-based, plausible context we based our story on. Such a story allows for the blossoming of real love in a credible situation. We laid a lot of emphasis on realistic details in both casting and storytelling so that it would ring true."

Vaishali Banerjee, country manager India, Platinum Guild International, explained that the ‘Platinum Day of Love’ was about celebrating ‘intimate and everlasting love between a couple’.

On the new film, she added, “This new rendition is about how most Indian couples want to balance the tradition with the modern life they seek. The campaign draws parallels between the unchanging and permanent nature of platinum and everlasting love in a marriage.”

Agency: Metal Communications

Chief creative officer: Narayan Kumar

Executive director: Probir Dutt
Account management: Aditi Rangachary

Production house: Footcandles

Director: Vinil Mathews

Producer: Swadha Kulkarni