Coca-Cola captures moments between brothers, showcases 'Brotherly Love'

Watch the ad film conceptualised by McCann Worldgroup India here

Jan 03, 2017 04:15:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Coca-Cola has rolled out the Indian adapt of its global 'Brotherly Love' film. This film has been conceptualised by McCann Worldgroup India.
It opens with a boy playing a game on a console. His older brother walks into the room with a bottle of Coke and two glasses in hand. As he opens the bottle, the boy playing on the console is disturbed and leaves the controller to get the drink. His brother teases him though, by placing the bottle on top of a shelf. The boy struggles to reach it and his brother has now taken control of the controller. Another scene shows the older brother shake a bottle of Coke and leave it for his younger brother on a table. The young boy appears and is seemingly dressed to go out. He spots the bottle and can't resist. He quickly opens it, only for the drink to spray all over his shirt. The scene shifts to a library. Here the boy is shown studying alongside a girl. His older brother walks in and puts a can of Coke through the back of his T-shirt, causing the boy discomfort and making it awkward for him, as others including the girl look at him. The last shot shows the boy at a ground. His Coke bottle is alongside him as he's in deep thought. As he picks up his bottle to drink, it's snatched by a group of three boys. They bully him until the boy's older brother appears and gets the bottle back for him. He hands the bottle to his younger brother. As the boy drinks it, the older brother smiles, and then jokingly pushes the bottle against his mouth, only to make him spill it.The younger brother smiles too and the film signs off with Coca-Cola's 'Taste the feeling' brand message. 
The film was published on YouTube on 24 December 2016.