Cleartrip says ‘It’s all clear’, with 10-second ‘video stamps’

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Cleartrip released a TV campaign that went on air 21 November, to remind people that they need to plan for their holidays – with the travel portal brand’s ‘clear’ (simple and well-designed) products.

Conceived by V Sunil, executive creative director, Wieden+Kennedy, the campaign consists of four 10-seconders billed 'video stamps' that showcase Cleartrip's offerings for the holiday season.

Each of them depicts that Cleartrip ensures the user can conveniently tick off tasks such as booking flights, trains or hotels via Cleartrip and thus be 'clear' for the trip.

Watch the other three video stamps from the campaign (The story continues below)




Hrush Bhatt, co-founder, Cleartrip, said, "The 'It’s all Clear' video stamps are designed to tell people that when they book flights, trains and hotels, they should do it with a brand that’s simple, clutter-free and clear. It works better, it looks better, and it feels better.”

Bhatt mentioned that it was Sunil's idea to create ‘video stamps’ in place of full fledged TVCs. He added, "We liked the idea and went ahead with it because it helps us stand out. The non-standard format will make people want to watch the short videos again and again."

Is it possible that people might mistake the ‘video stamps’ as a teaser campaign? Bhatt answered, "It's a known risk that we've taken keeping two things in mind: If the short videos end up making people want more thinking it's a teaser, it's good for us anyway. Secondly, we believe advertising is not an exact science and therefore didn't want to stick to a norm just for the sake of it."

Cleartrip as a brand doesn't take itself too seriously and is rather playful; and so the idea of having video stamps seemed fun, innovative and went with the brand's image, he explained.

Bhatt revealed that the initial plan was to run the ad for five to six weeks. But when the idea of ‘video stamps’ was agreed upon, it was brought down to three weeks to ensure better impact. There will be approximately 650 to 700 spots a day across major GECs, Hindi and English movie channels, English entertainment and infotainment channels, and news channels (Hindi, English and regional including Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali), Bhatt added.

Unplugged moments

Kitisha Gaglani, producer, Hello Robot (the production house), said the videos were shot in Mumbai over two days and post-production work was done in Australia, India and the USA. We asked her for some anecdotes from the shoot. She said, "The naughty little doggy in the film titled 'The way to go', was the highlight of the shoot. Her name’s Lola and she was so excited to be on the shoot, scampering and running around. She thought she was at a party; (and) when she was put on top of three suitcases, Lola wasn't happy!"


Client: Cleartrip
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, New Delhi
Creative: V Sunil
Producer: Kitisha Gaglani
Production house: Hello Robot
Director: Helen Clemens


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