Arati Rao
Sep 24, 2012

Cinthol revamps with adventurous 'Alive is awesome' campaign

Watch the ad film created by Creativeland Asia

Cinthol has embarked on a campaign to introduce its brand revamp; complete with a new range of soaps, shower gels and deos. A film to communicate the new 'Alive is awesome' positioning features young people engaged in 'adventure bathing' across the world, singing cheerfully about their 'feeling awesome'. The voice over promises that one would feel 'incredibly alive' with Cinthol's new range of products.

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Commenting on the communication task handed to Creativeland Asia, Sunil Kataria, executive vice president, marketing and sales, Godrej Consumer Products, said, "The brief that we gave them was one key life insight that we’ve picked up from the last decade: that young India is really looking to live life to the fullest. Cinthol as a brand, has always gone above the functional benefit of ‘freshness’ to a much higher order of ‘feeling alive’. Given that India is changing so drastically, how do we contemporise ‘feeling alive’ to connect to this young India? That’s what we asked of Creativeland Asia. We’re backing it with differentiated, superior products now, there’s a whole new design language of the brand which is emerging. How do we take this, link it with the life insight, and come up with a great brand thought? That’s where the idea of ‘Alive is awesome’ emerged."

Kataria and Nisa Godrej, president, human capital and innovation, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, also said, in an earlier interview, that the revamp is about 'taking the brand to the next level'. 

On how the idea came about, Sajan Raj Kurup, founder and creative chairman, Creativeland Asia, said, "What was important was to interpret this evocatively. Cinthol is a very passionate brand – when you see someone riding a horse on a beach, it’s about interpreting something like that for now. So you see a bunch of young people in crazy places, having a bath and singing at the top of their voices. Yet, we had to be careful, because it wasn’t about being a brand like Mountain Dew and doing stunts. It was about personifying the freshness that you feel. We wanted to showcase the packaging and make the soap an integral part of the campaign. It is a bathing commercial and we didn’t want to shy away from that. After putting those parameters down, we decided to get creative. The idea wasn’t to be clever, but experiential and evocative."

He added, "When we wrote the line, we wanted it to be flaunted. ‘Alive’ connoted the rigour of Cinthol as a brand, and we needed something informal to balance that out, and thought of ‘awesome’ which is so contemporary."

According to Kurup, the production was three months of planning, eight days of shoot and a few thousand miles of travel. "It was almost like going on an expedition; we didn’t know what shots we would get; all of it was territory that we were unfamiliar with. Temperatures and climates were extreme – one day we were at a glacier, the next in hot springs. Every day, we were grateful for what we captured, and wondered what would happen the next day. The best part of the shoot was that we felt the line ‘Alive is awesome’ as well," he said. 

In addition to television and print, the campaign will explore the digital platform, social media, branded content and on ground events.

Client: Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.
Agency: Creativeland Asia
Film Production: Nirvana Films
Digital Production: Crocodile Films

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