CHI highlights Care Shield benefits via Divyenndu Sharma

Hakuhodo India has conceptualised the campaign

Jan 17, 2021 04:00:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Care Health Insurance (CHI), erstwhile Religare Health Insurance, has rolled out a TV-led campaign featuring its new brand ambassador Divyenndu Sharma. The campaign promotes ‘Care Shield’, a health insurance add-on cover that covers over 60 non-payable consumables.
Shot in a hospital room setup, the film captures a conversation between a father and son, essayed by Sharma. The son is shown to educate consumers about the benefits of having health insurance that considers the cost of consumables and healthcare items that aren’t typically covered by insurance plans. The film has been conceptualised by Hakuhodo India.
Paritosh Kataria, marketing head– Care Health Insurance said, “At Care Health Insurance, it is our consistent endeavour to offer increasingly comprehensive health insurance solutions to our customers and Care Shield is yet another initiative towards delivering on this objective. We wanted to work with a personality who resonates well with the audience; Divyendu Sharma brings a unique blend of trademark style coupled with a contemporary approach to delivery – he builds the desired traction and recall with viewers.”
Shobhit Mathur, national creative director, Hakuhodo India, added, "Care Health Insurance is a brand for all across the country. While on one hand, we wanted to portray its progressive outlook, on the other hand, we wanted to create an earthy connection with the audience, as well. Hence, the modern, vibrant graphical setting with a heartland stellar performer like Divyendu delivering the message in a simple and humorous style."