Berger Paints a perfect picture for the procrastinators

Watch the film conceptualised by LS Digital here

Nov 07, 2022 10:23:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Berger Paints has rolled out a campaign titled #BahaanoKeSideEffects to highlight the ease of getting one’s home painted with the Berger Express Painting service. Conceptualised by LS Digital, the film aims to showcase the way people usually procrastinate when it comes to painting, to avoid the chaos that comes with it.  
The film begins with a wife telling her husband that they have to paint their home this time for the festive season. The husband tells her it’s chaotic and lists all the reasons why it’s a bad idea. The angry wife then tells him to tell everyone not to visit their home, in that case. The husband starts to call all his relatives and friends with fake excuses. In the end, when he gets a call from his father, the man’s son picks up the call, and jointly lists all the reasons that he’s heard his father give several people. The voiceover then asks the couple to let go of useless excuses, and get Berger’s express painting service, which is best suited for people who think twice before painting. 
Vinod Das, head of sales and business development, Berger Paints India, said, “Express Painting from Berger Paints is unarguably the most professional and popular home painting service available to Indian consumers. Through our convenient service, we offer interior and exterior painting, waterproofing, wood polishing, and specialty textures to consumers. Availing the service is so simple and the entire service delivery is hassle-free and consumer friendly. Consumers need no longer look for excuses to avoid the pains associated with traditional home painting. The idea was to showcase the ease with which one can get their home painted with the Berger Express Painting Service, so that even such avoidants shouldn't hesitate to pull this off.”
Manesh Swamy, senior VP – social, creative and design, LS Digital, said, “We all love the festive season, but sometimes the basic chores and preps before the festive period can be overwhelming, painting is one such chore. We wanted to drive the message that Berger express painting can be your SOS team when it comes to all your painting needs, so you can focus on all the good preps and
vibes of festivities. On the execution we created this extremely likeable family and their situations that everyone can relate to, we are glad we could deliver the brand message before the start of the festive season.”