Arrow asks users to get 'New Yorked' with its new collection

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Oct 21, 2011 02:56:00 PM | Video | Raahil Chopra

Arrow has launched a younger and slimmer face of the brand called, ‘Arrow New York’, for which its creative agency, Rediffusion Y&R Bangalore has created a new TVC.

The TVC shows a woman seated in a restaurant in New York, rating things and people around her on the basis of a ‘calorie meter’. She gives high calorie ratings for a burger, a man, a dessert and a dog before she sees a man dressed in Arrow New York and gives him a perfect ‘calorie rating’ of 0. The lady is then shown meeting the man and the film ends with a voiceover that introduces Arrow’s New York collection.

Commenting on the launch of Arrow New York, Indrajeet Mookerjee, branch head, Rediffusion Y&R Bangalore said, “Over the years, there has been a certain sameness in the way formalwear brands have presented themselves. With the launch of Arrow New York, the brand redefines the formal workwear space and brings with it a fresh air of style and sophistication.”

On the TVC, Arun Sharma, creative head, Rediffusion Y&R Bangalore, said “There is a heightened sense of fashion in the country. And that heightened sense of fashion is slowly permeating the workspace. Just any suit will not do. What we set out to do was a film that was pure fashion. And fashion is all about setting a trend. Here it is the zero calorie workwear.”

Mukund Sharma, creative head, Rediffusion Y&R Bangalore added, “While New York is the backdrop, the idea is very simply about a woman who rates the things she sees on a calorie meter, till she comes to the zero calorie look.”

Commenting on the TVC, Amod Choudhary, marketing head, Arrow,Gant, Izod, said, “The TVC does complete justice to the twin tasks of  ‘contemporising workwear’, and driving its relevance with the younger generation of professionals and does it in a manner which makes formals interesting again, newsworthy again. Overall it should bring a lot of interest and aspiration towards formals/workwear as a category.”

The TVC was directed by UK-based director Andrew Margetson and produced by Milestone Films, Mumbai. Fashion photographer Sanjay Kothari handled the photography.

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