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Mar 24, 2022

Annoyed Anushka Sharma nudges Virat Kohli to bat for a better living space with Livspace

Watch the film conceptualised by Tilt Brand Solutions here

Home renovation platform, Livspace, has launched a campaign titled ‘Love the Way You Liv’, to highlight the need for well-designed and high-quality home interiors. Conceptualised by Tilt Brand Solutions, the film features the brand’s first ambassadors Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli and showcases how Livspace enables one to optimise every room in their home. 
In the film, Kohli plays a Sikh, who balances the cable wires around the TV with Sharma’s hair clips. Meanwhile, Sharma searches for her clips and grows suspicious about all of them missing. When she enters the living room, she finds them all holding the wires. Annoyed with their way of living, she pulls out one hair clip, while all the other fall off too. Kohli looks at the whole scene and loses hope in the end. In the next frame, a well-designed house designed by Livspace appears on screen, with a voice-over telling people to love the way they live. 
Kartikeya Bhandari, CMO, Livspace, “Through ’Love the Way You Liv’, we aim to establish Livspace as the best enabler when it comes to building your dream home and our ability to help homeowners get more from every space. Building on our previous campaign that encouraged people to discover the joy of smart design, this time around too, we decided to double down on our message that great interior design is not just about the way things look but also about how it functions - so both design and quality. We are very excited to have Anushka and Virat on the Livspace team. Having embarked on this new association, I am confident that our brand ambassadors will further enhance the brand's position among consumers.” 
Joseph George, founder chairman and CEO, Tilt Brand Solutions, said, "When a brand's strategic core is in place and uniformly understood by both client and agency, creating communication is fun, easy and efficient. In this campaign too we decided to reiterate Livspace's passionate take on design - if it doesn't make life better, it's not a good design! Virat and Anushka have been cast by the brand this year in the belief that they will further reinforce the brand's personality, tone and tenor. Adarsh Atal, our senior director - creative has yet again weaved his creative magic on the brand."
The campaign will be rolled out across TV, digital and social media, including connected television. 
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